You are a storyteller, a memory maker

Master your camera to capture your authentic, beautiful life

Real is Beautiful

You are a parent, a blogger, a storyteller, a memory maker. You blog your real life, the good, and the bad. You know how important images are for growing your blog, but how do you get scroll-stopping images when real life isn’t always insta-perfect.  

Don’t fret mama, I’ve got you. I’ll teach you how to master your camera so that you can share your story beautifully. It’s not about flatlays, perfectly decorated homes or fashionable outfits. It’s about finding those perfect little moments in every ordinary day and learning how to capture them. Your readers don’t want perfection, they want connection. Wear your heart on your viewfinder to reach them. Stick with me mama and I’ll teach you how.


About Me

Hey there! My name is Donna and I am a professional family photographer based in South Wales, UK. My passion if making images that show childhood and family life in all it’s messy glory. I’ve worked with bloggers who told me they need to learn how to use their big camera to take better images. I want to help parent bloggers like you to master your camera and create beautiful images to grow your blog, tell your story and create memories for your family. 

As a parent blogger you know life isn’t all peonies and perfect outfits. You blog the good but you also share the struggles. So I’m not going to teach you how to take a perfectly curated flat lay. I’m here to show you how to photograph your real life, your story. in a way that captivates your audience. 

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