Last week I showed you how to use Lightroom Mobile. One of the things I love about Lightroom mobile is that you can import tons of Lightroom presets (they are like filters), so you always have opportunities to try out new editing style. Today’s video will show you how to import presets into Lightroom mobile and I’m also giving away 8 free presets for you to try out for yourself.

Free Lightroom Mobile Presets


  1. Taormina

Inspired by my trip to Sicily a few years ago, Taormina is light and airy with pink tones. It’s great for architecture and travel photography.

2. Sorbet

Sorbet is a subtle preset and gently lightens and reduces yellow tones. It’s great for adding a little pop to portraits

3. Bold and Beautiful

This preset has more contrast than the others. It’s great for adding a pop to backlit or hazy images.

4. Summer Pop

Summer Pop is a soft, colourful action that tones blues and aquas.

5. Sunset

Sunset is a vibrant, warm preset ideal for bringing out golden tones. This preset may be too warm for some images, so keep if for the golden hour.

6. Sweet Light

Sweet Light is a bright, airy preset that works best with underexposed images

7. Simple Sun

Simple Sun is a subtle preset which reduces strong highlights and dark shadows, it’s best used for images taken in harsh light.

8. Black and White

A clean, light black and white conversion that works well for many different situations