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Autumn Photoshoot Props

Autumn is a great time for DIY photo shoots. The leaves are just gorgeous and the early nights mean golden hour is early enough even for little kids. Of course the fall colours make a beautiful backdrop on their own, but adding in some fun props can make for really cute photos. Take them to the park or make a set indoors, either way you’ll get beautiful fall themed photos.

Autumn Photoshoot Styling Tips

🎃 Stick within the colours of Autumn, like oranges, yellows and browns. The colours at this time of year are pretty intense, so adding extra colours could clash and make your photos look cluttered.

🎃 Choose various tones rather than bold primary colours. Strong blocks of bright red and yellow can be jarring (and you might end up looking like a popular fast food restaurant). Instead, make sure your set has various tones of yellows, oranges, reds and browns. This will help the colours blend well.

🎃 Get the countryside look by going for worn looking, rustic props instead of shiny, sleek accessories. Think about materials like burlap, reclaimed wood and willow.

🎃 A large, sturdy wooden crate is an invaluable prop. You can dress it up in different colours and use it year round. You can make it into a stand (lemonade, cocoa, pumpkin patch), have toddlers support themselves on it and get kids to sit on it. Make sure you go for one that’s strong enough to support growing kids and you can use it for years. I use mine as a toy box when I’m not taking photos, so it’s useful year round.

Affordable Autumn Props From Amazon UK

Burlap Pumpkin Banner – £6.99 

Artificial Pumpkin Wreath – £10.49

Artificial Maple Leaves garland – £8.99

Artificial Sunflowers Bouquet – £13.95

Mini Foam Pumpkins – £5.69

Decorative Zinc Milk Churn – £9.99

Rustic Fruit Crate – £16.75