A few weeks ago I came across an exciting business idea by Cassandra Barksdale, owner of Cassie B Photography.

Like me, Cassandra saw lots of mums feeling frustrated that they couldn’t take better photos of their children, so Cassandra came up with an innovative product to help.

Introducing the Momma-razzi Box

  The Momma-razzi box is a subscription service that sends mums everything they need to create a mini studio at their home, plus tips on how to get the best photos. I’ll let Cassandra tell you more…


Welcome, Cassandra, tell us a little about yourself

My name is Cassandra. I live in Utah with my husband of 9 years and our 1 year old daughter. I am a professional photographer specializing in maternity and children portraits. I started Cassi B. Photography about a year ago, but I have been shooting for about 8 years now.

What was the inspiration for the Momma-razzi box?

My inspiration for the Momma-razzi box was constantly seeing moms online who were struggling to get good pictures of their kids.
I would see post after post from moms who post blurry or unflattering photos of their kids and express their frustration with how hard it is to get a good picture.
I also see that a lot of people do not have a ton of room in their budgets to be constantly hiring professional photographers so that they can have those good images.
I was thinking about all of this one night while laying in bed and suddenly I got the idea for the Momma-razzi box.
I started asking around to validate the idea and make sure that this is something moms would want, and I got a great response.
Moms everywhere were expressing how awesome it would be to learn how they can take good pictures of their kids with just their phone and save some money by not hiring a professional 10 times a year in the process.
Summer DIY Studio in a Box

What can customers expect from the Mommarazzi box?

The momma-razzi box is basically a studio-in-a-box.
It comes with everything that you need to set up a mini studio in your own home in just a few minutes.
Each month features a fun new theme, new tips and tricks on how to take better photos, and ideas on how you can re-use the items in the box for fun activities with the kids to reduce waste and clutter.
We are also partnering with some great causes to help benefit the less fortunate.
Each month in 2020, we will be partnering with a different organization to bring our customers amazing products while supporting the underprivileged.
DIY Photoshoot cloud prop


What are you top tips for moms who want to take better photos of their children?

My top tips for moms to take better photos:
1. Make it fun! Forget those posed shots where you have to yell at your kids to stand still and say cheese into the camera. Capture the candid moments instead.
Grab your camera and start taking photos while they are playing or going about their day. Those are the best shots you will ever get.
2. When taking pictures outside, don’t face the kids into the sun. I see a lot of moms make this mistake and it results in the kids squinting their eyes and making some really funny faces.
Instead, face them with their back towards the sun. This way, you get all eyes open and no weird, squished faces.
3. Use prompts. If your kids are old enough, instead of using the outdated, say cheese, line, try using prompts. For example, get the kids where you want them, backs facing the sun in a shaded area.
Then ask them to look at the person with the smelliest feet, or ask them to tickle their favorite sibling, or make their funniest face.