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Are you looking for DIY Halloween photoshoot ideas that you can do at home? Something that’s easy and isn’t going to cost a lot?

Sometimes simple is better, and you don’t need to invest a fortune in lighting and props to get great results. I did this DIY Halloween photoshoot with my daughter 5 years ago. I had only had camera a few months and I didn’t want to spend a lot on props, so I used items I already and and purchased a few cheap decorations for a budget shop (home bargains, if you’re in the UK).

It’s a super easy photoshoot, but if you want to get it right, here’s what you need to do

Baby Pumkin Halloween Photoshoot at Home

How to Do an Easy Halloween Photoshoot at Home

Lighting is Key

Props are fun, but getting the lighting right is key to making this work.

Do this in the daytime when there is plenty of natural light.

Do not turn on the overhead light, it will create a really unflattering yellow light, and it’s not powerful enough.

Do not use the flash on your camera. This will wash out your child’s features and make them  look like a rabbit in the headlights.

Instead, work with the light you have in your home.

Find a spot next to a big window with plenty of light, or even better, patio doors if you have them. Sit your baby facing the window.

Make sure your baby is quite close to the window so there is enough light on their face (but still making sure there is enough space for you to take the photo!).

DIY Baby Photoshoot At Home

Find something on which to hang your backdrop. I’ve used the back of a sofa here, but you could also clamp them to the backs of some chairs (I like these ones as they are large enough for things like chairs – UTEBIT Backdrop Clips 8 Pack Large 4.5 Inch)

If you don’t have anything suitable, you can get cheap backdrop stands from Amazon – This is the one I have, it comes with some backdrops too if you don’t have anything suitable at home

Read my guide on natural lighting indoors for more helpful tips.

DIY Halloween Photoshoot Props

I’ve gone super simple here. I’ve used a pair of curtains from my old house (I’m a bit of a hoarder, which comes in handy for props!) for the backdrop and floor.

I draped some spiderweb fabric over the curtain to give it some added texture, I think it was about £1 from Home Bargains.

I got her outfit from a charity shop. The tutu is way to big for her but it was perfect for Halloween and only 99p so I couldn’t resist. I pinned it in the back, it’s only a photoshoot so it doesn’t matter if things don’t fit well. Plus, she’s wore it for serveral Halloweens since so it was totally worth it.

She refused to wear her hat in the photos. In the end I photographed it on the pumpkin and Photoshopped it only her hear afterwards.

How to Entertain Your Child for a DIY Photoshoot

Keeping babies and toddlers still for Photoshoots is a skill in itself. For this one I got her to bang on the pumpkin like a drum to keep her entertained.

Plus, I worked fast. Get your props set up, check your lighting, get your camera settings right, and then add your baby. Otherwise they will have wandered off before you’ve got a chance to take a few photos.

Another suggestion would be to give them something to old. Some of those mini pumpkins would keep them happy and look great for the theme.

Read more suggestions for getting kids to smile in photos here.

DIY Halloween Photoshoot