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Now that the Christmas season is almost upon us (it is, I’ve already watched my first Netflix Christmas movie!), it’s time to start thinking of gifts for our loved ones.

Since photographers are creatives, we appreciate a gift that’s been made by another creative person, and we enjoy knowing that other artists are supported over the Christmas period.

So with that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of beautiful, handmade items that are just perfect for photographers. These all ship from the UK, but stay tuned for a US list soon.

  1. Fingerless Gloves – £16

Mustard Yellow Crochet Fingerless Gloves

It get’s cold shooting during the winter, but it’s pretty much impossible to operate a camera with gloves on. That’s why a pair of fingerless gloves make a perfect gift for photographers. I love these ones because of the simple, modern look it they come in yummy bright colours. I l can’t decide between the mustard yellow and the berry.

2. Photography Quote Frame – £12

Photography Framed Quote Life is Like a Camera

A lovely little framed quote that would look great on the wall. Something to keep them motivated during long nights editing.

3. Book bound Photography Album – £24.99

Book Bound Traditional Photo Album

You’ve heard the phrase ‘The cobblers children have no shoes’? Well the photographer has no photos. We’re so busy making sure everyone else get’s their images beautifully printed, ours end up stuck on our computer forever. Give them a nudge to print some of their creations with a photo album. I love this one as it has a timeless feel and it has plenty of space for all the photos gathering digital dust on the photographers computer.

4. Mountain Memory Card Holder – £5.49

mountain memory card holder

How cute is this! I love that it turns boring old memory cards into a design feature, It would look great on a photographers desk, plus it keeps those surprisingly expensive memory cards safe.

5. Monogrammed Clutch Bag – £9.95

Monogrammed Clutch bag

As well as carrying around cameras and lens, we photographers alway have a few other bits and bobs in our camera bags, such as a cleaning kit, extra memory cards etc. This lovely little pouch would make a great addition to their camera bag, keeping all their bits and bobs safe. Plus, the personalisation is a nice touch.

6. Leather camera Lens Cap Holder – from £19

leather lens cap holder

I am always, always losing my lens cap. This handy little device attached to a camera strap and keeps it safe. Genius!

7. Recycled Glass and Metal Photo Frame – From £19.95

hRecycled Glass photo frame

Another hint to get them to print their photos. This lovely frame would work in a lot of different style homes, plus it’s fairtrade and recycled, so great for a photographer who wants to take care of the planet.

8. Scarf Knitting Kit – From £29.99

Handmade Scarf Knittiing Kit

Since us photographers love creative people, give them something really special and hand make them a gift. This scarf kit is designed for beginners and at the end you’ll have a beautiful merino wool scarf and a new skill.

I hope you found some great gift ideas for photographers here.

There are so many amazing sellers and products on Etsy, so I’m sure you’ll find something for everyone.

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