Hey there mamas

Today I’ve got another super easy composition tip for you. Your perspective

Changing your perspective can have a massive effect on your images.

Every time I go out which my daughter, I see parents taking photos on their phones. And everytime I see many of them make the same mistake. they take out their phone, and they take the photo.

So what’s wrong with that?

You’ve got to move your feet, mama!

Changing your perspective can improve your image in a lot of ways

  • Better lighting
  • Avoiding background distractions
  • Tell a better story
  • Create more interesting composition
  • Add depth

How to Improve Your Images by Changing Your Perspective

It’s simple really, the best way is to experiment.

Take the same photo from lots of angles and decide which one’s you like best.

Here are a few examples

Get down low and shoot up

Get down low and shoot up. This helps avoid busy backgrounds, and allows you to shoot your subject against the sky.

It’s great for avoiding distractions, such as in the image below. You’d never guess this was taken in busy park.

Get Down To Your Child’s Level

Instead of looking down on your child when taking their photo, get down on their level. This creates a better angle for a portrait and held you be part of their world. (Sorry mamas, photography is tough on your knees. I’ve ruined so many pairs of jeans but crawling around taking photos 😭.)

Shoot From Above

An alternative to the last two tips, another option is to shoot from above.

Unless you’re a fan of climbing on ladders to take photos, you’ll need a wide angle lens for this one.

Like with shooting from below, shooting from above helps avoid background distractions.

Shooting from above can help capture little details that tell the story.

Move Around to Get the Best Light

Before you take a photo, look at your child’s face. Is the light soft and even, or is it harsh with unflattering shadows? Are there catch lights in their eyes?

If you don’t think the light on their face looks good, move around and take the photo from a different angle.

These images were taken at the same spot a few moments after one another.

I had her turn around to take the photo from different angles. Can you see what a difference a simple change makes.

Play Peekaboo

Add depth to your images and frame your subject by shooting through objects such as play equipment.

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In this image I shot through the long grass to add depth.

There’s no right way to take an image, it depends on your conditions and your vision. So just have fun and experiment. Take 20 photos, you may only love one of them, but one is enough.

I’d love to see what you come up with using these tips. Share your images with me on Instragram using hashtag #mamacameraclub.